Week of February 8th


We here at Ackee Crew Productions hope that every one of you has the unluckiest of day you have ever had. We hope that a black cat creeps past you, you shatter a mirror, you accidentally walk under a ladder, and that you trip and fall into a bottomless abyss of children’s tears. HAHA. You probably think that we’re kidding….we’re not.

ANYWAZE, we have made a slight comeback in Music Trivs, moving up from last place to 5th!!! (out of 8) I feel like a proud dad. Also, we’ve been on set with THE GREAT BAKALINI! (AKA Gabriel Bakale) …..ok well that’s all. bye.

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I must inform you that filming has recently taken flight. As the first month of the year is soon passing, we are happy to have a good majority of our filming done. Sadly, we were forced to make the hard decision of recasting the role of Dmitri due to scheduling conflicts, but were lucky when Mr.Bakale agreed to take on the role with such short notice. In other news, the magical Mattt Moriarty has been a blessing on set as he is willing to eat, sleep, and breath glitter to add a little sparkle to the scenes. We also have seen great interest from Mr.Kim in hopes for a role that would redeem his ego after last years memorable performance as the infamous Genghis Khan.

We are also still sending weekly letters to Bill Murray hoping he will agree to his role.

Ackee out.

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The Week of January 11th, 2015

Welcome back! We here at Ackee Crew Productions™ hope that all you folks at home had a fantastic Christmas, Hannukah/Channukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever else our ancestors could have possibly crammed into the month of December. We’re excited to get 2015 off to a great start by being proactive in filming and editing! We’ve also added Dan Mullen to our cast as the infamous magic Ralph. AND on top of Dan’s great talent, Mary Healy has 2x the talent as she is double cast as the Bolshkavok twins! For a sneak peak at our movie check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJIrfY4N5EI !

HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY! Celebrate by watching Selma, which recently received A TON of Golden Globe nominations!

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The Week of the 15th of December

In local news, there’ll be heavy rain on this Wednesday morning commute….hahahhaahaahaha JUST KIDDING, but srsly, the Ackee crew is deep in the pre-production process, having recently cast Mattt “Triple T” Moriarty, Mr. Dan Mullen, & Sir Sean Lynch as our main roles. I (TTT) have attedned two acting workshops with the infamous Matt Landry to improve myself as an actor. My fellow crew members, Katie McGovern and Felicia Romeo, have been busy organizing our props and necessities to start filming. Hopefully, we will begin filming over winter break!!! HOW EXCITING!!! See y’all @ da shoot of turkeyz!

W/ luv & affection,


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The newly-born Ackee crew has been hard at work in pre-production process. We have finished tinkering with our script and are ready to begin casting. We have made an addition to our crew welcoming SARIKA WOO. Our main focus is getting all of our props together to prepare for filming and coming together as a crew<333333333

love Triple T

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